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Recycling Guidelines

Supersize Your Recycling

The new 64-gallon recycling container is wheeled and lidded. These bins are provided to residents at no charge by Rizzo, the city's waste disposal contractor. They are an optional addition to the small bins currently in use throughout the Woods. To order one of these new containers, fill out the form: Request Recycle Bin 

Recycle Bin

Rizzo Environmental Services has contracted the delivery of their recycle carts. Since May 7, 2013, approximately 3,613 carts have been ordered by Grosse Pointe Woods residents.  Rizzo reports that carts are now being delivered within a few weeks of receiving the orders. If you have any question call DPW at 343-2460.

Rizzo will drop off your bin as soon as possible. If you have any question call DPW at 343-2460.

Items currently being picked up for recycling include newspapers, magazines, catalogues, office paper and telephone books; plastic containers marked with the triangular recycling symbol, rinsed clean with caps removed; metal or aluminum cans and containers such as pie tins, rinsed and flattened when possible; empty aerosol cans, plastic caps discarded; any glass bottles and jars, rinsed and unbroken; cardboard, broken down into pieces and and flattened and placed in recycling bin. Put full recycling bin and beside your trash at the curb on your scheduled pickup day. Green 18-gallon replacement or extra bins are available for $10 at the Department of Public Works. We suggest marking your address on your bin with permanent marker.

The following items are not recyclable and should be disposed of in your trash bags: broken glass, window glass, mirrors, Pyrex, ceramics dishes, plastic grocery bags, Styrofoam packing materials or containers, any container which held oil, pesticides, or herbicides classified as hazardous material. Pizza boxes or food containers contaminated with grease cannot be recycled.

Recycling Guidelines

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