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Road  Improvement Program

The City of Grosse Pointe Woods has contracted with Florence Cement Company to complete work during the 2018 construction season.

The 2018 Road Program includes the resurfacing of Anita (Mack to west city limit), the resurfacing of Brys (Mack to Helen), the resurfacing of Lochmoor (Sunningdale Park to Fairway), the reconstruction of Stanhope (Chester to west city limit), and joint repair of Cook Road (Mack to Wedgewood).

When Will Work Begin

Work is expected to begin July 30th, weather permitting.

How Were Streets Selected

Streets have been selected based upon recommendations by the City’s engineering firm, Anderson, Eckstein, and Westrick (AEW). AEW analyzed various factors. Initially, the entire City road system was rated using a nationally recognized road condition rating system known as the PASER (Pavement Surface and Evaluation and Rating) System. This identified the streets which were in the most need.

To further prioritize these streets, AEW re-evaluated each of these streets based on the three primary components: surface, curbs, and gutters.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Residents on these streets will receive a detailed notice about what to expect and when construction will begin, and invited to attend a meeting at the GPW Community Center for a brief explanation of the construction. The AEW City Engineer Scott Lockwood will answer questions.


Residents will be provided with a contact phone number for the City of Grosse Pointe Woods Department of Public Works, for the City’s engineering firm, AEW, and perhaps most importantly, for the construction inspector. The construction inspector is the person who is on site, and will be checking the work of the contractor. Typically, the construction inspector will be able to answer your questions or address your concerns immediately.


To avoid parking problems, construction is NOT planned on adjacent streets. Residents are encouraged to park on an adjacent street, and to notify Public Safety of their vehicle make, year, color, and license plate. Public Safety will pay extra attention to those areas under construction. Residents on those adjacent streets will also be advised that construction is going on, and asked to park in their own driveways whenever possible to reduce the inconvenience to those whose streets are under construction.

Contract Prices

Contract prices are significantly higher than they have been for several years due to several factors:

  • Limited availability of materials, particularly cement and aggregates (sand and gravel). We are experiencing local shortages due to transportation issues by both land and sea.
  • There are fewer companies now doing this sort of work. The recent recession put several of the local road paving contractors out of business.
  • There are several large projects, as well as projects in numerous cities. This is a significant increase in demand that we have not seen in the recent past.


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