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Municipal Court



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The Honorable Theodore A. Metry   

Beth Miro
20025 Mack Plaza
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236

(313) 343-2455
(313) 886-6284
(313) 417-0473
(313) 330-5969

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,

*Please check the City Calendar for holiday office hours.

General Information

The Municipal Court is responsible for the administration of justice under the laws of the State of Michigan and the local ordinances of the city. Jurisdiction includes civil matters up to $3,000 and criminal misdemeanors occurring within the city. The Court also handles the arraignment, setting bail and conducting preliminary examinations in felony cases. The Court handles traffic offenses, city charter and ordinance violations, and landlord-tenant disputes.

The Michigan Supreme Court has directed municipal courts not to accept small claims cases. The Michigan Uniform Municipal Court Act (MCL 7.30.501) does not authorize small claims jurisdiction. Litigants may still proceed with their civil claims (up to $3,000) under the court’s general civil division.

In accordance with the City Charter and Code of the city, the Municipal Judge is an elected official with a four-year term and presides over all court jurisdiction matters (reference City Code, Chapter 15). The City Administrator has the authority to appoint the Court Clerk, Deputy Court Clerk and Warrant Officer, and those appointees are required to perform all court services required by the City Administrator (reference section 1-1-5 City Code and Section 15.13 City Charter). The City Council’s Judicial Liaison Committee monitors the administration of the court in conjunction with the City Administrator and the Judge.

The Municipal Judge may issue arrest warrants upon request of the State Attorney General, the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney, or the City Attorney in the role of prosecutor; the judge also may issue search warrants and bench warrants for failure to appear in court.

Municipal Court Theodore A. Metry was elected in 2009 to a two-year term to expire in December 2011. Judge Metry welcomes visitors to his courtroom, which is open to the public.

The Court Clerk, with the assistance of a court staff of two, processes 29,000 cases annually. The staff maintains all dockets and documents pertaining to the court; collects and accounts for all fines, forfeitures, and fees. Monthly reports are prepared in accordance with city, county and state requirements. Warrants, subpoenas, writs of mittimus and garnishment, transfer of appeals and bind-over cases to other appropriate courts, are additional functions of this office. The process is computerized using a local area network system dedicated to the court operation.


View schedule of fines (including costs and state fees as required by the Michigan State Legislature).

  • Michigan Court Rules require fines & costs due must be paid at time of assessment
  • Failure to respond to the citation(s) in the prescribed manner will result in the suspension of your driving privileges and a reinstatement fee
  • Late charge of $30.00 assessed after appearance date
  • After 56 days - 20% late penalty added (per MCL 600.4803)
  • 24 Hour drop box located in front of the Grosse Pointe Woods City Hall
  • Make check or money order payable to: City of Grosse Pointe Woods
  • Make an online payment

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